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Luxury Expandable Soft Sided Pet Carrier

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Today we are going to introduce you a very CuteLuxury and Expandable (Collapsible) pet carrier. It called “Jet Sitter Luxury Soft Sided Pet Carrier” We are at pet carriers and crates .com always wish to bring you these kind of Amazing pet carriers and crates..

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There are some important things to consider when you choose Pet Carriers and Crates. Because we need to protect and comfort our pets as possible as we can.

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Expandable Pet Carrier!

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You can expand the pet carrier, load your loving pet and when you go somewhere with your pet, compress the pet carrier from the two sides like the above image..

The 2 way Expanding sides will give your pet more leg room. He/She can stay freely. (We will explain some more advantages of the design of this Pet Carrier later in this article.)

TSA Approved Pet Carrier

For In Cabin conforms precisely to United Airlines. Can also fit Southwest, JetBlue, American, Delta, Alaska, Frontier, Spirit, Allegiant (soften the top). Holds pets up to 12 pounds.

For Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and Guinea Pigs !

This Pet Carrier is for your pets like Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

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It will give your pet some more Room/Space to live freely inside the Pet Carrier. These Pet Carriers were designed with your Pet’s comfort in mind. That’s why we, pet carriers and crates .com decided to create a post about  “Jet Sitter Luxury Soft Sided Pet Carrier”. We will later discuss about the Luxurious and Comfortable design this pet carrier has.


The producer is ready to give you 30 day no hassle returns directly through And also 01 Year factory Warranty!!

Luxurious Design to comfort your pet!

These pet carriers are always designed to give your pet a Luxury and Comfortable Experience. As a pet lover, when you buy pet carriers and crates you need to make sure your pet’s comfort. We need to keep the pet happy. To make him/her happy we need to comfort him/her. Specially cats! They really like to comfort their selves. If you have a cat you know what I mean! (We all at Pet Carriers and are pet lovers! So that’s why we always try to bring you the best pet carriers and crates)

  • Exterior : Durable 600D Polyester
  • Interior : 210D Polyester
  • Floor : VC material is leak proof in case of liquid accidents
  • Product Dimensions 18 x 11 x 11 inches ; 2.95 pounds

Under “Luxurious Design to comfort your pet!” we are going to guide you on 5 below things..
So let’s get started!

1. Two Way Expanding Sides will give your pet more Leg Room/Space!

Your loving pet can stay comfortable and freely inside this Pet carrier because it has some additional space. When you expand the pet carrier, it will give your pet a noticeable Space/Room. So that he/she can stay happy inside the pet carrier.

And when you want to go anywhere with your pet, you just need to compress the 2 sides and carry it like a normal Traveling Bag!

2. Improved Durable Ventilated Mesh Netting.

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Durable Ventilated Mesh Netting

This Expandable Pet Carrier is equipped with Improved Scratch Resistant Mesh. This mesh has higher density and thread count so it is extremely durable (The maker of this pet carrier has done some Durability Tests and they found that this pet carrier is extremely durable)
So no need to worry about biting and Scratching!

And most importantly, it’s Ventilated! Means your pet can breath without any disturbs!

3. You can load your Pet using the Top Loading Door!

pet carriers and crates
Load your pet using the top loading door!

This pet carrier has a Convenient Top Loading Door. Which allows you to load your pet easier, faster and safer. It also provide additional Ventilation and Visibility so that your pet doesn’t feel closed in.

4. Adjustable Seat Belt Buckles.

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Adjustable Seat Belt Buckles

These Adjustable Seat Belt Buckles are intelligently integrated to strap the pet carrier to the car’s seat. You can simply unbuckle them, wrap the bottom seat belt around the carrier and buckle them back up!

5. Super Plush Fleece Pad to comfort your loving pet and Secure Leash to keep your pet secure.

pet carriers and crates
This Super Plush Fleece Pad will comfort your pet and Secure Leash will secure it!

– Super Plush Fleece Pad

There is a super comfortable super plush fleece pad inside the pet carrier. Which will give your pet a very comfortable feeling. It has a removable cover for spot cleaning or machine washing in gentle cycle.

– Leash with Metal Clip

This pet carrier also has a Leash with Metal Clip inside to secure your pet. Isn’t it great?

5. Luggage Strap to zip through the Airport

pet carriers and crates

There is a Luggage Strap to zip through the Airport. You can easily attach the Pet Carrier to the luggage with this Luggage Strap. It will make your travel much easier!

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