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Richell Expandable Pet Pen With Floor Tray

Hello Pet Lovers!! How are you doing? Hope you all are fine.  Today we are happy to introduce another Amazing and Valuable pet product to you. It’s an Expandable Pet Pen With Floor Tray. From a company called Richell USA.

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Richell Expandable Pet Pen With Floor Tray

Let me explain the value of this pet product. You adopt a lovely pet, you buy a pet pen/crate and what will happen after 6-12 months? Your pet will grow! It will be a happy news. But the bad side of the situation is your pet pen will be too small for your pet! And now what? You need to buy another pet pen for your pet! Is this OK to you? I don’t think so!

But you don’t have to worry about this!! The SOLUTION is here!

A pet pen that GROWS with your Pet!!

The problem I just explained above is a very common problem we – the pet owners face. But no worries! The Richell Expandable Pet Pen With Floor Tray is the SOLUTION for this!

It’s an innovative product that has a very elegant look. It grows as your pet grows! Means, you can expand this pet pen as your pet grows. So you don’t have to buy a new pet pen. I really think that it’s an awesome product to have!

It will grow with your pet.

Richell Expandable Pet Pen with Floor Tray expands from 35.4″ to 60.6″ which gives a good space to your pet. It adjusts to 11 different widths.

Expandable Plastic Floor Tray (Removable)


This plastic floor tray expands with the pet pen.

This expandable pet pen has an incredible floor tray which expands with the Pet Pen. It fits perfectly as the pen grows/expands with your pet. It helps to keep your floor clean. And doesn’t leak anything to your floor. (Ex:- If your pet pies, it does not leak through your room’s floor) So that your floor will protect from pet stains and odor.

And it’s removable! So that you can clean the floor tray very easily!

Expandable Plastic Floor Tray – It doesn’t leak anything to your room’s floor!

Two Doors For Easy Access


This Expandable pet pen with floor tray has two doors for easy access.

For your and your pet’s comfort, Richell Expandable Pet Pen with Floor Tray has two doors. Front door and a Side door. Both are explained below.

1. Sliding Lockable Door

This is the front door. It keeps your pet safe and secure. And also very easy to get in and out. Just slide it, guide your pet to go inside and slide again and lock the door. That’s it!

How to Open/Close Door:-

  1. Lift up the Sliding Lock. (Please refer below draft.)
  2. Slide the Door to open. (Please refer below draft.)
How to open/close the door.

2. Lift’n Lock Side Door

Lift’n Lock Side Door provides access to food, water doggy pads or training tray. If you have two puppies, then you can use this door to load a puppy. Just lift the door up, load the puppy or food/water and close the door!

How to Open/Close Door:-

  1. Slide the right and keft locks upward. (Please refer below draft.)
  2. Open side door. (Please refer below draft.)
  3. Hooking locks at the top of wire keeps side door open. (Please refer below draft.)
How to open/close the side door.

Assembling the Product

Ok I’m going to guide you on how to assemble this Richell Expandable Pet Pen with Floor Tray. First of all, you need to make sure the below parts are included.

Make sure you have these parts.

Attach Panels

For the opening width 35.4″ – 45.5″

Remove Nuts (2) and Top Frame of Front Panel B. Then, take off the one side of Wire Panel from Side Panel. Then, attach the other side of Wire Panel using Nuts (2). Please see below draft for reference.

Depending on the width of the crate, a position of the Bolt will differ. Make sure to tighten Bold on a designated position.

Half tighten the Bolts at first, then thoroughly tighten all the Bolts after assembly.

For Left Door

Please refer the following draft for a proper understanding.

For Right Door

Things like these always need to present as visuals, so that readers can understand it properly. 🙂 So please refer below draft for proper understanding. 

Attach Frames

Make sure to tighten the Nuts (16) on front/back panels. Please refer below draft.expandable-pet-pen-with-floor-tray-parts-assembling-the-product

Attach Trays

How to attach Trays

The floor tray is designed to expand with the pet pen. Make sure to lap more than 2 rows of grooves on Upper/Lower Tray as shown.

Press the front-row convex joint of the Upper Tray (Refer above draft) until both trays are fixed correctly.

So that’s it!!

I hope you will love this product. And also I think this review of Richell Expandable Pet Pen with Floor Tray will useful to you. So you can buy it on the E-commerce giant – Click below Button!

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We will come back to you again with more valuable Pet Products. Bye for now!!
Have a Happy Time!!!