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Hope you all are doing great! I’m back with a very useful article. Well, this time it’s about cats! I know most of you have at least one kitty in your house.

Isn’t it?

In today’s article you will learn a lot about your cat’s Body Language and Behavior. It’s a good thing to know your cat’s mind when you deal with cats. As you already know, Cats are not like Dogs, thery are very different when it comes to interacting with people.
Dogs are more friendly than cats, if you have a cat and dog, you know what I mean.. πŸ™‚

Understanding is Everything!

For an instant, imagine you are going to pet your cat when he/she is in a bad mood. What will probably happen? You will get bitten by your cat. Right?

I personally know that most cat owners do not know what is going with his cat. They do not know the mode of their cats.

So if you understand your cat better, you can live a happy life with your cat.


So what is the Solution? The solution is understand your cat! So you will now ask me “How do I understand my cat? He is not speak English!!” πŸ™‚

Oh Yes! You are correct!

I will answer that question this way..

Just like humans, cats, dogs or any pet has feelings. So just like us, humans, they show their feelings using body language. So we can understand their body language and then we can make them happy..

Importance of understanding your cat’s body language


It’s important for both of you and your cat. When you are in a bad mood and your girl friend/boy friend comes and tell about a newly released movie. What do you feel?

We do not like anyone disturbing us when we are upset. Right? So does your cat!

So if we can understand his mood and do things according to the situation, you will be happy and your cat will be happy!

So let’s jump into the details now..

01. Eyes

First let’s talk about cat’s eyes. Eyes have more value when it comes to communicating. Sometimes eyes can describe an emotion that words can’t.

Ok, No more long stories, let’s read about cat’s eyes!

Dilated Pupils

Dilated Pupils
Dilated Pupils

Dilated pupils indicate feelings like Agitation, Playfulness, Fright or Aggression. Let’s say you have moved to a new house and your cat dilates it’s pupils. It means your cat is not used to the new place and he need some time to be friend to the people around.

A Slow Blink

Cat Slow Blink
Cat Slow Blink

A slow blink is a sign of your cat is very calm, feels comfortable and safe. He is Ok with current situation and you don’t have to worry about it because all we need is cat’s happiness..

Cat gives you a Direct Look

If your cat gives you a direct look in your eyes, it means it trusts you. Your cat is comfortable and safe around you. He is happy to be with you.

Try to talk to him now!

02. Tails

If you want to understand your cat’s behavior Cat’s Tails is an important part. There is a special connection with cat’s mood and his Tail. πŸ™‚ So if you can monitor the nature of the tail. You can tell your cat’s mood!

A raised upward and curled at the end of the tail

If your cat has a raised upward and curled tail, it means your cat is happy with the current situation. He is happy with his life. And he is happy to be with you.

The tail is Straight Upright

This means he is confident and happy. He is happy to see you. This is a good time to play with him. Or you can cuddle him!

The tail is curved around his body

If your cat curved his tail around his body, it means he is Nervous or Submissive.

Fluffy Tail

This means your cat is very excited or also feels threatened. The main reason of fluffing his tail is to make him self bigger than the enemy. So the enemy will think the cat is really big and very dangerous to deal with. So the enemy will run away from the cat. That’s what the cant wants.. πŸ™‚

It’s really funny to see the behavior of these animals, Isn’t it?


Did you ever see your cat twitches his tail top while holding it low and straight? Well it means he is on Hunting Mode..

Be ready to see world war 3!!

And if your cat twine his tail around your legs, it means he needs your attention. Also it is a method of saying “This person is mine”

Does your cat has a straight upright tail and twitches occasionally? It means he is worried about something.

The tail is Vibrating

Your cat vibrates his tail when he glad to see you.. Also he might try to say “I’m exciting for something”. So understand the situation correctly and act according to the situation. πŸ™‚

Your cat’s tail is wrapped around another cat

When we met our best friend what we normally do? We just put our arm around our friend.


When a cat meet his friend, he puts his tail around his friend’s body. It represents Friendship.
It’s amazing to discover these things right? πŸ™‚ I mean animals are just like us!

Cat’s tail is Lowered toward the ground

Your cat will lower it’s tail toward the ground when he is frightened or feels guilty.Β  It’s good to check your house because your cat has probably done something naughty. He knows you are going to punish him!

The cat keeps his tail at an angle of 45 degrees

When your cat has slight aggression or fright, he will do this. Because he does not know if there is a friend or enemy around. If there is nothing to worry, try to manage him.

The tail is wagging from side to side

Cat tail is wagging from side to side

This means your cat is angry! I think it’s time to leave him alone. But sometimes it also means that your cat wants to play with you. So you have to follow his other behaviors to make the correct decision.

03. Interaction with the Owner/Humans

How does your cat spending time with you? So let’s talk about it!

Cat rubbing his head on things and you

Haven’t you ever experienced this? πŸ™‚ This feels really good to us as owners.. If your cat rubs his head on you or things like Tables, Chairs, Etc, he is marking you as his territory and property. In other words, he is saying that “This person is mine!” It’s also a way of leaving his scent.

As I said, This feels really good to us as cat owners..

Isn’t it?

Poking with a wet nose

This is also an awesome feeling!! If your cat pokes you with a wet nose, it’s a sign of he feels comfortable and safe to be withΒ  you. It’s all you need as his owner, Right? πŸ™‚

Butting you

When your cat butting you slightly with his head, it is a sign of Friendliness. Your cat really loves you!

That’s all what we need! Love!!

Licking you

Your cat will lick you when he consider you as part of his family. And it also means your cat trusts you.

Eating Your Hair


This is a situation every girl scares! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Your cat is going to eat your hair!!
Have you experienced this? If yes please write your experience on the comment section.

This is a funny situation, If your cat bites your hair it means that he wants to clean you.

And it is a very strong sign of love and trust..

Biting You

If he bites your hardly I think it’s time to leave him alone, But Light biting means he needs to play with you!

Just have some fun!

Exposing His Belly

How cute this action isn’t it?

Whenever I see my cat exposes his belly to me, all I do is getting a photo!


This means your cat trusts you. But do not try to rub his belly. He does not want you to rub his belly! He will scratch your hands.. πŸ™‚

Ok Guys!! The article has reached the end. I hope you guys have learned some thing from this article.
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